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Hi, we are going to have quarry tile laid in our pets room. We thought this would be a good flooring option for her. We are getting quarry tile instead of glazed, but I am concerned about the mortar, grout, & grout sealer, I have found a few that say they are non toxic, but do you have any suggestions on which ones are safe for pets? She is small & her face is going to be appx 3-4 inches from the floor, so you see my concern. One more question, she sometimes pees on the floor, bunny pee is kinda like ammonia, I guess you would say acidic, can this cause some type of chemical reaction with the grout, grout sealer or mortar (should there be any contact)? Thank you..

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   There will be no toxic or problematic issues with either the Quarry tile or any kind of standard grout. Once the grout has cured and hardened it becomes inert and stable. So no concerns at all with the materials and your pet. Certainly "any" kind of urine will have a degree of ammonia tied to it and it can become a problem if there is too much of it. Grout is porous and will absorb any kind of liquid into it including urine. So if you think there is going to be any kind of on going problem with this then I would do two things to inhibit the problem...first is to have the tile installed with the tightest grout joint possible. This will cut down on the exposure area affected...second is to apply a liberal coat of a quality sealer (two coats to start with) and then reapply every 10-12 months depending upon how many "accidents" happen along the way....follow me? That should handle any of the potential issues you are concerned with Hannah, again sorry I'm late responding to you, please feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

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