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I have been asked to help clean and seal about 300 sq. ft. of Mexican tile that are somewhat exposed to the elements and are also next to a swimming pool.
The issues, first they have not been cleaned in 5 years and look pretty rough. I noticed in an earlier Q & A scenario that an acid wash was mentioned. I have been advised to use a Mex. Tile stripper. Is one better than the other or will they both get the job done? Plus, can I use a floor buffer to strip the tile of old sealer, dirt, etc.?
Second, the other issue is slippage. Is there an additive to put in the sealer that will help, say, his grandkids/anyone else from slipping?
Lastly, how many coats of sealer should be used after cleaning and if there is a slip additive would it be used in all coats applied or just the last one? I do have some pictures if you need to see them.

I Thank You in Advance! John

Acid wash:  Probably would not hurt, but the acid (muriatic) must be water clear and diluted down at least 12 parts water to 1 part acid.  

Mex. Tile stripper:  Should remove any residues of whatever sealer was put down.  This is not like acid washing. An acid wash is not likely to remove sealer.

Floor buffer. You can use one with a brush attachment only. Do NOT run over Mex. Tile with a pad and machine. This WILL ruin the surface of the tiles.

Slip on a wet surface is always an issue. Sealing produces a smoother surface, hence a lower C of F.  People have tried adding grit to sealers and paints for years in order to improve slip resistance, but this is usually achieved at the expense of the coating so that the coating life is vastly reduced.  

People should know and understand that a wet surface around a pool is going to be slippery.  In this age, all too many feel an injury such as falling from a slippery floor/deck is the fault of the company that made the floor/deck, or the coating that was applied to them.  This being the case, we recommend you use someone else's sealer around a swimming pool, or use no sealer at all.

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