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Our carpet is 1 year old,My question ( we have a carpet cleaning machine and have cleaned different areas of heavy traffic. Will a professional company remove more dust then our machine? and do a better job? I have seen ads advertising that they have the seal of approval from the Asthma and Allergy foundation, my son suffers with dust allergies. I do know hardwood would be much cleaner but not in our budget . Thank you.

The short answer here is yes. But as a person with allergies and an extensive background in carpet cleaning let me explain:
Generally, professional carpet cleaning equipment has more power than DIY or homeowner equipment. This is especially true when it comes to truck mount units regarding vacuum lift/ suction power and intensity of the spray that shoots into the carpet when using "steam" cleaning. Professional portable equipment is traditionally not as powerful as truck mount and equipment made for homeowners is usually less powerful than that. So if done properly a professional system will clean better than a properly done home owners one.

Whether or not cleaned by a professional or a homeowner a carpet must be vacuumed prior to cleaning. Vacuuming must also be done on a routine basis, the frequency of which will depend upon the amount of traffic. Normally a household vacuum will get out the allergens that bother most people. If not, there are usually two reasons:
1. The style of carpet. Some carpet piles that are deep and/or have a pile (such as a frieze that is tightly wound and the tufts curl back on themselves)that are more difficult to vacuum.
2. The quality of the vacuum. Some vacuums just do not have good suction power and/or their filtration systems let allergens back into the air after vacuuming.

Be sure to check your vacuum for leaks at hoses and fittings. Make sure the bag (if equipped with one) is not full. Also check the screen that protects the motor to make sure that it is not clogged as this will compromise suction power.

Bottom line here: You should be able to vacuum your carpet to get rid of allergens without having to call and get it cleaned each time unless your vacuum is no good or your carpet is hard to vacuum. Since the occurrence and accumulation of allergens is much more frequent than the soiling from traffic you will end up cleaning your carpet more than you should; not good for the carpet or your budget. If your vacuum is not up to par you may want to invest in a new one or, in the case of hard to vacuum carpet, a new different style carpet.  

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