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QUESTION: I am thinking of installing square tiles for my kitchen floor  -size: 40 feet by 25 feet.  The tiles( size :--16" by 16" squares.)  But my wife suggests  I install linoleum squares instead. I plan to have a handyman do the job.

Which do you think might better and cheaper for me?: The linoleum squares or the tiles?

ANSWER: Let me get back to my lap top to answer this with more information. I will send a revised answer.


Hi Again Will,

Back from So Calif. and home again in Utah, nice little working vacation.

So you want "CHEAP" and easy and long lasting floors... sorry no such thing.

If I were you I would look at the porcelain tiles starting around 2.00 per sq ft.

Cement and grout adds a bit more to the cost. But if you install it correctly it will last a lifetime.

Vinyl tile on the other hand will be problematic from the start. Floors must be critically flat and smooth. Thus causing you to do some floor prep. Like a good paint job it starts with a properly prepped surface. Also with vinyl tile of the self stick variety you will need to prime the floor with a latex primer to insure good adhesion of the tile to the floor. Moisture problems will cause vinyl floors to peel up ...curl...separate at the seams. And as always VINYL SHRINKS, it's just a matter of time.

What is the sub surface never said?(concrete or wood) What type of vinyl tile do you want to install? What is the cost per sq ft you budgeted. Is the floor level if you lay a straight edge down are there noticeably hi and lo spots? What do you have to tear out if anything?

Get back to me if you want to pursue this.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The surface is flat cement slab, with no peaks and valleys,  The present linoleum is one whole piece cut out from a larger sheet.  i bought home new back in 1993 and  I will  not have to cut anything out as the original  linoleum flooring   was well cemented. I will get the pricing for the linoleum squares and e-mail you my findings. By the way, my measurement is 120 square feet to be linoleum over, or tiled over

Yes, it sounds like the actual tile  would more expensive should I pick this option plus  the needed cement and grout.  But long-lasting as you say.  i plan to sell home in three years.  I hope that the tile installation turns out to be more attractive to the next owner, than linoleum tiles would turn out to be.

Porcelain tile will increase the value of the home. Look closely at the earth tones and kitchen design magazines.

If you can get into the 3.50 per sq foot range a wonderful look is the Battered or Chiseled EDGE VERSAILLES pattern porcelain...Stone (travertine/limestone) is very popular as well.

It is stunning and literally fool proof. 120 sq feet will be inexpensive to do. And you can enjoy the kitchen for the next few years...trouble free.


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