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Hi Mr. Hohmann,  My husband and I recently purchased a home out in the country.  It has saltillo tile throughout the house, 1800 sq. ft  This is our retirement home.  The tile was laid in 1998 and sealed at that time with an acrylic water based sealer.  I love the floor but now that we have moved in, I realize there are slight scratches all over the surface of the floor, everywhere in the house.  These scratches are not deep and at first you can't even tell but when the sun shines, you can see them so I feel they are just in the sealer.  They were sealed in 1998.  Should I remove the sealer?  Would this remove the scratches?  If so, what is the safest way of doing that and should I then use the same sealer?  It's 15 years old now but the former owner left about 6 gallon jugs of it when she left.  I'd like to restore the shine and the beauty of the floors and then be able to maintain them.  Your help is very much appreciated.  I live in north Texas.  Thank you.

What is the name of this sealer?

If the scratches do not go all the way through, I would first try recoating with that sealer to see if it will fill in the scratches.  If not, it may be necessary to slightly scour the sealer down a bit, then recoat.  You really want to try and avoid stripping the tiles, as this can create its own set of problems that can ruin the aesthetics of the floor.

If re-applying the sealer fills in the scratches to that they are no longer visible, or nearly so, you can apply our Internacional Finish over the top to give a surface that is much more scratch resistant.  Acrylic sealers do tend to scratch easily, and be quite apparent.

If need be, I can probably take a look at the floor, seeing I am in the north Texas area also.

Bill Hohmann

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