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I have a dental office and we use casters on our employee chairs that we work from and roll around a lot on. We have used commercial grade vinyl squares, but the edges crack over time especially over corners and over subfloor joints. I can ship you pictures if that helps. Is there a better flooring you can recommend? Do we need to have all the subflooring joints caulked over before new flooring is laid? Any insight you have would be appreciated. We don't really want porcelain tile flooring as I hear from friends that casters do not roll over their borders well.     Sincerely, Dr. Candy

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Hi Dr Candace,

I will assume the flooring currently in place is VCT (vinyl composition tile) 12x12. VCT is hard and brittle which sounds like what is cracking on the corners/edges. You want to avoid the extra cost to remove this tile.(see below)

There are many real vinyl products on the market to day which are soft and supple. Luxury vinyl tile in various sizes and patterns to resemble stone or wood and also vinyl plank which simulates wood.

All of the vinyl products require extensive floor prep to assure a good flat surface and address probable future issues.

Standard procedures usually include skim floating over the existing tile and making sure cracked and broken spots are removed and filled smooth with a gray polymer fortified floor patch.

Three major players in floor prep come to mind and they all perform well I primarily use the first 2 listed.
Webcrete 95:

The ultimate new floor would include a new subfloor then prep at the joints and screw holes. Considerably more money but possibly worth it in the long run.

I do not caulk the subfloor joints. If the subfloor is sound, no squeaks and creaks and no deflection, then I will skim coat or float the existing tile. If there are squeaks and deflection I will attempt to screw the loose areas down first through the tile and then prep.

Most vinyl tile/plank floor manufactures  have strict guidelines to follow regarding floor preparation. And specs on caster wheel rolling tests.  

Get a qualified installer and sales company to provide you with a good product and warranty.
Do not use a "peel and stick" product. They constantly cause headaches with adhesion and longevity in my opinion.

If you have further questions feel free to follow up


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