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Have unglazed saltillo tiles, would like high gloss finish. Need to know process and products compatable with these tiles

All of our products were developed with an emphasis on Saltillo tiles. You can look at them at: www.sparkssw.com

A penetrating sealer is used first, until all the porosity at the surface is blocked. A topical sealer is then applied over the tiles.  The finish is used so as to maintain a gloss, as well as additional scratch, mar, and scuff resistance.

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I can answer questions concerning the stripping and sealing of various tile, brick, and stone flooring with an emphasis on Mexican Tile. I cannot help in regards to installation issues, such as what sort of tile to use; how to install or remove tiles, etc.


Over 30 years experience in the manufacture development and use of sealers, coatings and cleaners for tile, stone, brick, etc.

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