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We are thinking about replacing the old carpeting in our home. It is grey, low pile, original, approx. 30 years old.
Our kids have moved out, and my wife and I are not as flexible as we used to be, so low maintenance is important. Also, no more kid stains, but possibly more pet stains in the future. What do you suggest that is easy to keep clean, but still attractive and warm underfoot?


Allow me to link you to these pages that explain what and how to choose carpet.

These truths never die.
#  1 wool is expensive and natural...cleans exceptionally well and endures the longest.
#2 Since wool is sooo expensive the textile / carpet mills developed Nylon based fibers. Nylon is superior still today. Closing the gap and running second is Polyester.
#3 the least expensive is Olefin based / oil based products and they are usually rental grade or inexpensive commercial quality.

Stick with Nylon for the best performance/ stain protection/ durability.
If $$ is an issue the next best bet would be a Polyester in a higher price range, but lower than the nylon.

Manufacturers have so many rules to follow to honor the 10 year warranty and stain protection best to read the manufacturer's strict guidelines and call customer service to have them mail you cleaning policies and product guides.

TEXTURE RETENTION ...now this is worth it's weight in gold ...make sure your new carpet has this warranty 5/7 years is typical some longer. It is more expensive to but brand name nylon or polyester , but the texture retention warranty comes with it.

Basically it is the promise to replace the carpet should crushing / traffic patterns/ matting/wearing excessively develop during the warranty period.

Back in the 1980's 1990's this was the cats meow warranty...everything else is ink on paper.

Ok Links ...sio many out there to search , but if they speak the way I do then they are worth reading further.



http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/carpet/choose-right-carpet-fiber1 (see page 2)about different fibers...NYLON vs OTHERS

In the end take care of your fabric ... clean spills fast...use common sense like your laundry and rinse excess soap residue up and out. For annual or less frequent major cleaning get the manufacturers recommendation. There are pros and cons to steam cleaning and dry cleaning techniques.

Sir ...in this 1 area you get more for your money. Good carpet isn't cheap. And good deals are out there.

Best regards ,

PS ... new word in our Vocabulary... Triexta..a carpet fiber based on CORN and sugars derived from it... expensive just as corn based fuels are expensive. Lots of good reviews, but still running behind top quality nylons. Might be worth looking into.

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