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I really want to install a new carpet but concerned about the fumes killing my parrot, as they are very sensitive to fumes.  Would the Mohawk smartstrand  have a low enough VOC that it would not kill my bird?  I guess there are some carpet sealers too.  What is advised? Thanks for any advise.


I am a huge reptile enthusiast and in the past I had a conure as well. With this in mind I understand your concern, however I am not an expert in this specific area.

Here's a couple of questions of my own. Do you have a place for the parrot during the first 24- 48-72-96 hrs to reside that would be free of fumes? A well ventilated room (window open) maybe a small fan. now this is just a precaution...I really don't think that the carpet it self is harmful ...although the NEW smell will linger for a few days / week for sure.

The one thing that concerns me would be the PAD GLUE to adhere the pad to a concrete slab ...That would be very pungent and during the first 24 hrs I would have the bird/s removed to a baby sitter location if possible. If your padding is going over a wood sub floor staples will and should be used to fasten the pad in place. Thus eliminating any glue issues.

Other than this ...I would get the 800 # for the carpet manufacture and call the customer service desk to voice your questions and concerns. They can provide MSDS ( manufacture safety data sheet)about the carpet and the VOC's. Just a bunch of test jargon but still helpful. The carpet may be made of nylon or polyester or a blend... but the padding is made of foam and chemicals.

Check into the padding and get the MSDS sheet from the manufacture online even. Very easy to find with Google.

Ok , thats all I have for this subject...wish you and the parrot all the best.


PS get a bird sitter ...or your vet to house the parrot for a short time.

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