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QUESTION: I have newly installed travertine floor that needs to be cleaned, stripped and then resealed. What is the best product/products to use? Lots of construction going on and the floor just won't clean up.

ANSWER: If there is presently construction still ongoing, best to cover the travertine with cardboard and wait until the construction is over with, else you would just be cleaning it up only to potentially have it messed up again as a result of the construction.

I need to know what was done to the travertine in regards to sealing, seeing as you say it needs to be stripped now. Was a fluoropolymer used on the floor?  If so, this would explain a few things.  Still, I need more information as to what was used, and what you have already tried regarding cleaning it.

Bill Hohmann

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QUESTION: Floor was sealed with Aqua Mix Enrich 'N' Seal Premium color enhancer and sealer. I believe that the sealer was put on when the floor was not totally clean and that there was still some film from the grout. I am using Bona stone, tile and laminate floor cleaner with the Bona stone, tile and laminate floor polish. Tried hand scrubbing a few tiles to see if that made a difference but it doesn't. Have a large area to deal with.

I believe this Aqua Mix product does contain a fluoropolymer "grease" that captures dirt, and holds it. Our SR-5 Stripper will "float" the fluoropolymer up so that it can be wiped up off the travertine.

Grout film, or haze, is problematic on travertine, as the two are chemically similar, based on calcites.  Whoever installed and grouted it should have known to get all the grout haze off before it had a chance to dry.  Using an acid based cleaner will remove the grout haze, but it will also etch the travertine.  Given all the issues here, it may be best to have a company come in and re-hone the floor with diamond pads and buffers, and take everything off that way.

Bill Hohmann

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