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Hello,I have brazilan cherry floors though out my house.The upstairs is 3/4 inch hard wood the downstairs is engineered hard wood because my home is on a slab. How do I repair some of the nits and scrathes on this floor,in some of the areas these scrathes are pretty deep. I do not want to refinishes this floor it is only 7 years old. Is there anything I can do or apply to these areas.
Thank You Michele

I have a list of things you can try but there is also pretty much the same list but with photos that I think is very thorough on the wiki website:

Just remember that when it comes time for actual refinishing, you are limited in what you can do on engineered floors.

I know you did not ask but, for prevention of scratches, be sure you have adequate walk off mats/area rugs/runners/etc to take the grit off of shoes before they encounter your wood floors. Frequent dust mopping will also help to remove particles off of wood floors before they get stepped on and scratch the floor. It is amazing how much stuff will fall on floors!! Also if you have any dining chairs, be careful of what kind of floor protectors you use on the legs. I have found that felt protectors work well initially but they too often get embedded with grit and end up acting as tiny sanding blocks. Non absorbent ones are good such as nylon but need to be inspected periodically for damage so they don't mar your floor.

Hope these tips help!

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