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Flooring and Carpeting/sealer on indoor mexican tiles


I rented a flat 20 days ago. The owner used a cement sealer on older Mexican tiles for easier cleaning and life span. The fumes are overwhelming to me and I have had 2 large fans on 24/7 for 12 days and walls are being wiped down now. Very strong and I afraid I am too sensitive for this. will it really go away in time ?

It sounds like a solution acrylic was used, which ordinarily has to be cut in mostly aromatic solvents, that do smell bad. The odor can linger, but will dissipate.  It's similar to the old time dry cleaning solvents that left a suit smelling of Naphtha for some time. You need to set the fans in windows and force an exchange of air to the outside, if you have not done this. Some people are extremely sensitive to aromatics, and you may be one of those people.  

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