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Hello.  We have a home about 9 years old.  In the kitchen area we have stone tiles that are very rough and have an uneven surface.  When I mop they actually tear up a sponge mop probably like brick would do.  Very hard to clean as dirt sticks in all the uneven places and doesn't want to come out.  Our installer didn't seal this and we didn't know it needed to be sealed.  My question is could I stain this or paint it with something like a concrete stain that would maintain the beauty of it but seal it so it's easier to clean?  I would probably just stain grout and all.  Didn't know if this was possible or not.  Thanks so much!

It appears you believe this cannot be sealed without staining also.  They can be sealed so as to improve the aesthetics, as well as make it much easier to keep clean.  You can stain them if you want, but this would tend to make your tiles monochromatic, taking away the natural variation of tone the tiles have.

If you want to stain, I would suggest getting ink made for writing italic and water it way down in a spray bottle, the mist the tiles, dabbing with a piece of sponge to get into the clefts. Then once dry, seal using Stone Glamor or in combination with Mex Seal.

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