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Carrara discoloration
Carrara discoloration  
Perry,  I have attached pictures of a tile installation a client has made.  The tile is on the floor of a master bath and not in direct contact with water.  The darker tiles have been replaced twice.  To replace the darker tiles the client selected the whitest tiles to replace the discolored one.  The new tiles soon discolored.  The client and installers are looking for a reason for the discoloration.  I am a vendor and the tiles are Carrara from Italy.

Thank you for your question Sandie...

   Carrara Marble as you know is the single most porous Stone available on todays market. So many things can affect this soft stone none the least of which is contact pollution or transfer. Without being there to evaluate what has transpired my first suspicion will always be either the water used to both mix the adhesive and the grout or the color of the thinset used to set the tile. Some public water systems have much higher alkaline or other minerals within them that can affect the shading of porous stone or the possible "mottling" of the grout. Also using a "grey" thinset in lieu of a white can profoundly affect the overall shading of this Stone. If a grey thinset was employed to do the repair/replacement instead of a white thinset then this could be what you are seeing as a result. Along with this is that when you do a spot repair in an area that has been completed then the moisture content (in particular if the Stone has been sealed) will be higher than the surrounding Stones and take longer to dissapate away because it is a "captured" tile surrounded by much drier tiles...follow me? A simple way to check is to take a blow dryer or heat gun vinyl installers like to use and heat up the tile to see if the moisture can be taken away by the heat. Were the replacement tiles used for the repair pulled from the same lot of Stone for the original install?? could be that the new Stone is from a different part of the Mountain or Region altogether and could be different shade wise right from the start. Like I said there are numerous possible scenarios and I have presented to you just a handful to consider. Ok Sandie I hope this helps you sort through some of the possibilities going on with this Stone. Feel free to return anytime....

Perry V.

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