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hi Chris - I want to apologize for not rating your last reply to me. ("preparation of slab for engineered wood floating floor")

Somehow, I can see the reply (thank you!) but I never got an email with a link! Maybe I mis-entered my email. Anyway, I will be more careful this time.

new question:
I pulled up the rug and pad from the concrete slab. A little moist to the touch. I want to clean the slab and let it dry out. I think it will. Can you suggest a way to clean the slab. There is a little bit of latex paint over-spray plus some small amount of glue from previously having linoleum. Can I do a light sanding? With a drum sander, or? It's only about 300 square feet, and the layer that I want to remove is very thin. Whatever I decide to apply, I want to put it on a clean surface.


Yes Rob,

Hello again I am not receiving e mails from the system either so forgive my late reply. I will have to contact the admin of the site to inform them and correct the error.

I usually hand scrap with a 4 " razor scrapper and a pack of blades purchased in units of 10 or 100. In the flooring section of the box stores you will find the heavier duty models ranging from 12"-16" length.
Do not use a stand up style scraper. You wont get the leverage you need. If you insist on getting everything off please rent the FLOOR MAINTAINER from Home Depot and purchase a couple of # 6  grit sanding discs. Learn to control the machine in the middle of the room and avoid the walls until you get the hang of it. You gently rock the handle down or up to move the machine while the disc is turning. If it starts to get away from you release the handle switch and try again. It takes about 2 minutes to figure it out. The more up or down pressure creates a more aggressive bite .... floating in 1 place is achieved by a neutral stance...or center. Just stay in 1 place and allow the disc to do the work.
They also show a unit called the FLOOR POLISHER
Either one will do the job

The sanding discs are also on the shelf at the rental center 7.00 each in my location. You attach them using a wrench ...simple enough. If you catch the disc on a foreign object such as a nail embedded in the concrete it will tear the sanding disc and you will need another. Try to avoid that.

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