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QUESTION: hi Chris - I'm following your directions step-by-step; so far so good!

I used the diama-brush coating removal tool and got all of the old glue and stuff up. Messy, but came out nice!

I have been checking for flatness with an 8 foot level. The room is well within 1/8" in 8' in central parts of the room. There are sections around the corners and doorways that are low.

2 questions:
1. Is there a way to map out all of the low spots?
2. Once mapped, should I use an SLC to do spot-filling or is there a better way?

The room is about 275 square feet.

Thx Chris!


I see your question...I'll answer on detail tonight. How low are we talking? Self leveling material won't stick unless a certain depth is maintained...approximately 1/2"minimum. Anyway once I'm freed up I will revise this answer.


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QUESTION: hi Chris - there could be spots that are 1/2 to 3/4, but low spots will certainly get thinner as they approach level.

I'm wondering how close I really need to be to the manufacturer spec, 1/8" in (either 8 or 10 feet, can't remember right now). I will have a pad.

I'm still trying to decide on the best way to map everything out.


Hi Rob,

Ok my personal opinion. I use manually troweled MAPEI Plani patch. Cheaper faster and easily corrected if mistakes are made. Lowes sells it. Great stuff! Get close ...very close to the specs...3/16 in 10 feet.

No more than 1/4" please.. how thick is the laminate? 8 mm ... 10 mm... 12 mm

Get a couple of 5 gal buckets , 1 to mix in , 1 to rinse in.. Powerful drill and paddle mixer or what we call a helicopter blade. Ceramic tile sponge and a nice trowel (10-20.00) marshalltown is the premium trowel...they have similar for less. And a margin trowel (6.00) The margin trowel to get all of the material out of the bucket. Also if you have a 6" drywall knife it makes a nice tool for the edges.

Ok the bag / product is 25lbs.  Fill 1 bucket with 3-4 gal of water ... the other with 1 gallon.
Mix into the 1 gallon an appropriate amount of plani patch until it is mixed and creamy smooth like brownie batter. Add powder to the water ... do not do this in reverse. You get way to many clumps.

If you feel you have added to much patch you can add water. If to fluid add powder. It is not meant to flow like self leveling, it is meant to be somewhat thicker. But in the end we will add a second coat that does act like a soup/ slurry.

Mix with the drill and paddle of your choice... rinse the drill by spinning it in the clean water and allowing it to stay in the water. Use the sponge to add small amounts of water to a patch that is too thick...adding powder to the mix use the drill and rinse immediately .., you don't want the product to dry on the mixing tool it will contaminate all the other batches.

This batch will thicken up in a few minutes ( temper) let it stand for 1 or 2 minutes and mix again with the drill this makes it last longer. Now you have about 20 minutes to work the product on to the floor pour it out and cut in the edges with the drywall knife.. working backwards and out towards an exit. In other words don't paint yourself into a corner. Make the first coat 1/2" where needed and possibly thicker. Use the trowel or drywall knife to make it smooth. Minor ridges at this point will be expected and when the product dries 50-80% (20 minutes)you can use a damp towel or sponge to smooth those off. Nothing you do here is permanent all flaws can be fixed with coats 2 and 3....don't panic. get the product down on the floor smooth ... and feather edged to the slab at edges of level... spills drips drops can all be wiped up... rinse that bucket before it dries... use the sponge to wipe down rinse out and add new clean water....and get ready for coat 2.

Speed the drying process with a fan if you like...1st coat depending on thickness will dry in 30 minutes or so. it will change color to a light gray.

Watch this video to see how to trowel the floor...this guy is just skimming ... you will need to fill deeper areas with 2 coats. The second coat can be looser than the first..and make a nice finish like a thick soup.

My search query looks like this on Google Chrome
"you tube skimming a floor"

I suspect that the system may restrict the number of questions you can ask ...if that happens
Text me on my phone (626) 222 6868 ANYTIME... happy to help


PS... yes we can map out the job in detail...with paint or excel...this will get a bit delicate and some very close measurements will be needed. Or you send me a drawing via e mail and I can make it to scale on graph paper... fax / scan back to you. plenty of options

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