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QUESTION: I have particale board all over my house on the floor.  It was covered by carpet and vinel.  I have purchased laminate to cover the entire house.  There is water damage around the tube and toilet.  I have removed all the loose particle board.  How do I repair the damage?  Now I am afraid to install the laminate in the bathroom and kitchen, I'm afraid I will have future water damage.  I understand I can not have tile layed over the particle board.  I am willing to use vinal again but I do not know what to do about the difference in height as it will be in a very high trafic area. I purchesed a waterproof sealent for the floor, now I'm afraid to use it because it has a warming to only use outside.  What is the best most cost effective solution?  I am desperat and nearly broke.  Please help.

ANSWER: It all depends on how extensive the damage is at the toilet and bath.

If it penetrated more the 75% of the particle board then I would look at the replacing the entire thickness of the particle board from stud to stud. ...pulling the toilet and tearing out the old particle board. Might take 2 hrs and 20.00 worth of material. the tub area can be replaced easily as well ditto on time and expense if you do it yourself.

Laminate is not meant to go in a bathroom...it will suffer from moisture damage as the months and years pass. Put hardibacker down and go with porcelain tile. For details on that write me another question.

The kitchen is a fine area for laminate because you only have a small area at the sink from which water may be splashed ... place a throw rug down. Damp mopping or the use of a swifer mop is the way to go for future cleaning.

What waterproof item did you purchase...return it.
Lets talk more about what really works.


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QUESTION: Thompsons, What really works?  I'm afraid I will fall threw to the bacemwnt.  Thanks for your advice.

The description fall through to the basement is alarming yet vague. tear out the particle board something has to be underneath that ...Or maybe you have OSB (oriented strand board) anyway replace it..

A simple bath is typically 3x5 + toilet area 2x3 total 21 sq ft. A 4x8 sheet plywood or true OSB is 32 sq ft. Do not buy particle board ...the stuff speaker boxes are made of.

After the subfloor is repaired we can discuss options

To repair the sub floor you will need a circular saw , set the blade to the depth of the particle board + a hair ...and cut 8" wide strips ... then again at a 90 degree .. remove particle board and nails and screws until you have a smooth surface again with no water damage. Check to see what layer is under the particle board ... do not remove a second layer if it is sound. Stains do not mean it is bad ... as long as it is solid. If you have a second layer under the particle board you need to identify it and let me know what it is. So we can decide what to do ... take a picture and attach it to this message


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