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QUESTION: Can a sealer be applied to a laminate flooring like on a regular wooden floor?

ANSWER: Can a sealer be applied to a laminate flooring?  Yes. However, some types of laminate do not need a true sealer. A finish often will do what is needed, such as to prevent wear to the laminate, and to improve the aesthetics.

Bill Hohmann

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QUESTION: I have a rental with laminate floor that has been down less than 3 years.  The laminate is showing wear at seams, (edges).  Renters may have been using water, (too much water), to mop.
Can I seal to improve looks and ware.  If yes what type would you recommend?

If the problem is just from mopping, then the finish will work fine. If the exposure to water is longer and frequent, then a sealer can be used, followed by a sealer.  In our line, I would suggest the Stone Glamor as a sealer, followed by the Internacional Finish.

Bill Hohmann

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