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Good day
With reference to flooring for a shipping container, I have the following questions:
1. What type(s) of flooring would you recommend is best for site containers?
2. What type(s) are durable, easy to install and pleasing to the eye?
3. Can you refer me to any guides, reference material, books etc. that can provide me with an overview of different types of flooring, when to use which, applications for each and advantage / disadvantages
4. Are there any practical books, guides that can teach a DIY person how to install flooring.

Thank you for your question Sam....

     Lately I have been tardy with my responses due to work being unusually busy of late. Thanks for your patience.

   Will you be packing the product yourself for shipping? One of the single biggest issue in shipping a "hard product" is intransit damage. Either to the reckless handling or shifting materials within the container. This can be a disastrous happening should the product be "special order" with a two month lee time. With Ceramic large format selections ie: 18-24" material is the most at risk primarily due to the difference in added weight of the tile. Porcelain is the best bet for standard format up to large format materials to ship long distance. That's why most product packaging of the large format is at most 7 pieces or so per box. So if you are not the one assembling and packing the containers then the success of the shipment lay in others hands...follow me? Any Mosaic sheet goods will handle well the rigors of container shipping as they are the most flexible in transit. When you order the product carefully consider the "waste" factor so that any project has a bit of insurance in the delivery.

   In recent years the inclusion of glass inserts in shower walls and backsplashes have more than doubled and continue to expand to covering entire walls within the shower or splash and while that automatically increases both the cost to purchase and the potential boost in income it comes with higher risk as the installation of glass has its own very particular process of installation...just as any Natural Stone does. So an increased understanding of the process is necessary, ok? There tends to be some manufacturers who's "quality control" methods are suspect when it comes to the purposeful mounting of the product onto the mesh that holds it all together. Tiles can be crooked or off center...differing in size and shape one to the other so it may take a few times to filter out the suspect producers that allow for shabby production quality so that you do not pay the price of their inability to provide what you are looking for.

   Every week there are more and more web sites who tout their wares in the things I just pointed out for you. A casual search of the main producers (Dal-Tile, Emser, Florida Tile) can give you a "start" into what is offered out there product wise. The TCA (Tile Council of America) is a great resource in discovering the standards of what is required as to how things are properly to be assembled and the materials involved...also just a place to start. I have been to a web site called "John Bridge.com" (I think)a couple times and it has grown over the years so there may be ample information in one location for you to grow your understanding without the added cost of purchaing a book or CD of things.

    As for books on the subject if you can go to Amazon.com you can casually go through the myriad of produced material within and should easily be able to find specifically (material specific) what you might need as a "in the hand" resource for you. Also within this site there are thousands of answered questions you can cruise through, many of them mine as I have volunteered here now for 15 years. Sometimes too much information only serves to confuse the overall process of learning. So focus in on what appeals to you "most" and leave the rest for another day as your business builds. I hope this brief explanation helps you Sam, should you have more questions that go unanswered then you know you can return here to me and we can walk through it together whenever you need too...ok?

Perry V.  

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