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my new and as yet unsealed kitchen floor is a mess.  It was the perfect color on the bag but actually turns out much lighter--almost white.    i have purchased tile stain which works terrifically on the grout    but some ofthe grout when it dries, flakes off     i have also purchased polyblend sanded ceramic tile caulk  can i paint the tile stain and seal on the caulk?  the container says nothing pro or con about painting  thanks

Thank you for your question Regis...

   Sorry I am tardy with my response to you, been buried lately. Ok on to your question. Before we complicate things by adding a "stain" the this equation lets try something else first. If your grout has lighten afterwards once cured then one of two things may have happened. First is the distinction that while the color on the bag represents the declared color it is "supposed" to be sometimes it doesn't end up that way and could be for multiple reasons. Second is if the grout is mixed up too thin and then too much water is applied to the grout during the "tool and texture" rinse stage then that can also cause the grout to be much lighter, even the appearance of being white or off white. With the grout flaking off in some areas hints at there being an issue with the "tooling" portion of the process as the grout is not pressed down and compacted tightly into the grout joint. This allows minute gaps or space between the top layer and subsequent layers below that which are not properly pressed together. Now you also mention that you have some colored caulking you were considering adding to this already struggling assembly. Lets not do that either. If you are wanting to "darken" the grout away from the lighter tone perhaps closer to the original color of what was on the bag then I would consider purchasing an "color enhancer" sealer and only using that as the curative agent for your grout. It will "clarify" the color and also darken it sorta like the grout appears when you apply a wet sponge to the top of it. The grout will darken until it dries out and return to the lighter shade. With the color enhancer sealer it will darken and then stay darker as if it were still wet...follow me? I would suggest this option first prior to any of the other options being attempted. Perhaps this will get you back to where you were intending to go. Ok?...that's it Regis I hope this helps you with your project, feel free to return anytime...

Perry V.

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