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Hi Perry:  This is a question I have about ceramic tile I had installed on my bathroom walls.  It is white with a subtle gray veining. I've noticed that many tiles have identical patterns.  The ones that are next to each other tend to drive me crazy.  I thought each tile would have unique veining.  How is the identical pattern replicated in so many tiles.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your question Judy...

   The pattern problem you are noticing has long been something that has caused consternation with both the installers and ultimately the customer. The pattern run you see is a result of a pricing decision based upon the manufacturer of the material. The more customer savvy producers have made the effort to produce 5-6 count patterns where there is greater visual variety of prints to ease the install and prevent exactly what you are currently wrestling with. It becomes a simple choice (as long as you are aware of it) of either a "random" directional install or the "repetative" install where every tile is decidedly set with the pattern positioned the exact same way. This install can make for some interesting visual outcomes, especially if the print is more pronounced and, it's kind of like the "3D" hidden images where you look at it and though it takes a minute all of a sudden it comes into focus and now you can't see anything else "but" the visual pattern. So with the single pattern examples there is only one to choose from and you now see the result. It takes more time and labor to produce tiles that have multiple visual variety and in the end typically more cost to the consumer making for a higher price. There isn't a lot that can be done at this point unless you have a willing installer and the extra material to change the tiles that are most affecting you visually. The problem that can arise with this plan is obvious, by moving one tile because of it's directional concern to another direction you may just create the same conflict with adjacent tiles in place now visually touching the just changed tile...follow me? As with most things Judy over time the visual conflict will cease to be an issue unless you allow it to continue. Enjoy your new floor and the performance it provides. Ok...that's it. I hope this helps you understand what's going on a little better. Feel free to return again anytime...

Perry V.

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