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Hello again, Chris. So after a trip to the house, I am back with more detailed specs regarding my install. My floor consists of 3/4 OSB T&G nailed and glued to 2x10 joists, with the joining corners of the OSB sanded to be nice and flush/flat. The floor joists are 16" centers with the max unsupported span at 13'2". The floor I will be laying will most definitely be an engineered hardwood, but from what manufacturer, I am still unsure. I am certain it will be from one of the "big 3" as my floor guy refers to them, which apparently are Mercier, Mirage, and Lauzon. It all just depends on which color/species I decide on. So after your incite on the expansion/contraction of the joists and its affect on the hardwood, I suppose it would be best to just float the floor and put whatever money I would have put into the added layer of subfloor and invest it in a quality underlayment? Does that sound logical? To be honest, I do like the idea of having a nice underlayment in place because of the added sound deadening effect it would have. At least I would assume this is the case. In your experience, does a layer of underlayment significantly add to sound deadening? Also, do you have a preference for a quality underlayment? Seeing as though the extra 1/2" ply layer would have run me anywhere around 2-3k$ extra, I would be fine with spending that on a quality underlayment if it had super sound deadening properties, if there is such a product.

Also, I just realized that I have most likely lost the perk of not having to remove all the carpet staples from the OSB. I figured I could just pound them in flush to the OSB surface since I was going to go over the entire floor with 1/2 ply. Since I will be using an underlayment, would you recommend I completely remove all staples in the floor?

Thanks so much for all your help.


Hi Mark

Thanks for the compliments on the previous thread. Always a delight to get a 5 star review.
The floor is well built. No issues that I can see.

If you float the floor, as I hope you do, you can run the direction as your heart pleases.
I do recommend intensely that you find a product with the same qualities as DECI BLOCK made by SCI
(Sponge Cushion Inc.)

I noticed in the literature on the Mercier site they want to sell you their product. Dont let them bully you into getting anything of less quality. Compare thickness and Db of sound deadening each product must have a rating.

If you are in UK/Canada look for TIMBERMATE made by Excel...I had 1 exclusive distributor in Pomona California and this was my go to product. I compare all to the Timbermate standard. I was so enthralled I sold it at cost just to use it and give my customers the best underlayment possible. Sold on rolls by the yard. Square feet / 9 = yards So a 10x 10 room (100 / 9= 11.1111 yds) Most wholesale houses sell full rolls only.

My searches led me to SCI and one questioner in Texas called to inquire about availability for her situation. She was very pleased with SCI and the customer service.

There are a lot of copy cats but the names elude me.
Look at the stats here for timbermate and compare all others to it.

Hammer away .....!! lol, I am a freak I prefer complete removal. But if the house has been carpeted 4 or 5 times I have to surrender and start hammering. I use a 4' scrapper to remove the majority.

You have a floor guy?? Im

Anything else you need just holler


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