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Hi Chris,

You answered my previous question on 3/17.  Thanks very much!  You said when I narrow it down to several choices, to get in touch again.

I gave up on finding sheet vinyl. So my two top picks are laminate.

1.  Bruce laminate, 8mm thick, AC 3, Home Depot install.
2.  Pergo Max laminate, 10mm thick, AC 4, lowes install.

This is going in the kitchen.  I live alone, no pets.  I don't drop things often, but I spill water more often than I want to admit which is why I was hoping to find vinyl.

Also, 2 choices on underpayment.  Cork or top of line Blue hawk.  I'm on the top floor, garages underneath.  But, I don't want that hollow sound.  Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi again Connie,

Pergo Max has some great choices...I keep waiting for a price drop, 10mm is the better thickness.

No matter which you choose make sure you visually inspect the end / butt joint so you are certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that it has a LOCKING mechanism the same as the long side. A few years back Bruce and Armstrong tried to "wow" the market with products that were easier for the DIY'er to install by eliminating the hassle of the butt joint LOCK. This led to 100's if not 1000's of complaints due to squeaking and creaking at the butt joint. Ohhh it was a mess and I received numerous questions regarding a solution. Lawsuits were filed and many store retailers were stuck with few options.

I haven't heard any news on that in over a year. So I hope it finally went away.


I have seen so many but I swear by only 2 or 3
1, Duralay Timbermate Excel...made in the UK and very difficult to find here in the states. If you find it GRAB IT. http://www.interfloor.com/underlay/timbermate-excel/
I used to buy it in Pomona Calif.

Look at the thickness 3.60 mm (0.14 inches) and the decibel rating of sound dampening 23db. The foil top is the moisture barrier aspect of the product. Installed foil down on slab or wood subfloor. Use this as a comparison to any other product.

2, In the USA I found SCI the manufacture of Tread Mor... a product used in many commercial applications, which I specialized in for many years. They make a great product called Deci Block and Silent Walk.

Also you can see the details and the specs at their hyper link to the PDF doc.

Make sure you click on the Silent walk link as well....I forget if you are on slab or wood with crawl space??

After that you can read more here and decide how much or how little you want to spend. I highly recommend the .75 -1.50 range when it comes to these premium products. I cant stress enough what a difference a quality underlayment will make.

My cost on the timbermate was .55 - .60 per sq ft. wholesale over 6 years ago. Then I moved to Utah. Today I would sing like a bird if I could find it... I even e mailed the UK and received a reply saying they might have a distributor in the future.

I had 1 questioner ask the same question as you. and I referred her to SCI ... she is in Texas ...she obtained the recommended product after speaking on the phone with customer service. She Loved it!! So I feel very confident after that experience and pass it on to you.

The stuff they sell in the stores at .25 - .35 per sq ft is absolute bare minimum (junk) Pass ...no thank you. Ok...ok, it's fine for a rental or a condo FOR SALE. But not in my house.

Start searching in earnest you will find a good product that includes a moisture barrier and then compare it to the two I recommend.

Read here for more ideas...follow the links and read all

Ok Connie... I've told you all I know
Best Regards,


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