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I read the 2008 post concerning popping noises after new carpet and pad installation, but since the 8# pad I purchased did not have a plastic moisture barrier, can it still be the cause of popping noises over the entire recently carpeted area? I purchased Smartstrand carpet and walked on both the pad and the carpet remnants separately after the installation thinking it was one or the other, but I did not hear the popping sounds like I do in the new installation areas. Would the noise only appear after the installation? The popping sounds are loud and almost everywhere. My carpet dealer said it was not the carpet but most likely the subfloor creaking. I did not have these noises with my old carpeting. Short of pulling up the entire carpet and replacing the padding do I have any other options?  Thank you.


This is a tough question from where I sit. Wood floors pop and squeak all the time with seasonal changes...but as you said " Not with the old carpet"
I have heard of the padding issue... and I have heard of the occasional odd staple causing a click as you step on it. I also know that some carpet can be stretched hard enough to pull out the tack strip at the walls. Thus causing the carpet to be loose. I would hesitate to think that it pulled the wood sub floor to any extent.

There have been many a time when we would encounter loose boards or an old wood strip subfloor that needed attention or creaking / moving plywood, I would negotiate an economic price to screw them down as I encountered them with a simple screw gun and appropriate screws prior to the carpet install. Most customers were well aware of the issue prior to and would beg me to repair it. 4 rooms might need 2 hrs work and 10.00 worth of screws.

As an installer we are responsible to the industry standard and the customer. If we cover it (the floor) we own it. Any deficiencies after that we are responsible for ...because we gave our stamp of approval as a certified installer or representative or retailer, that what we are covering is sound and appropriate. Although paraphrased this is an implied contract and can be documented in CRI page 7.5
In a small claims court I could loose a case if the issue falls back on the installation or lack of preparation...

I wish you could describe "popping" in a way that was definitive. Does it even sound like the wood floor? Or more like bubble wrap? What padding did they install and do you have a brand name and style / model #.

If your retailer wont move willingly to investigate you will need to begin a CLAIM. Not that you are angry or vindictive. You just need an area pulled back and looked at closely to determine what the cause is. Maybe a dinning room ...or a bedroom?? Something that is easily accessible and easily re installed with out a lot of furniture. If the retailer is not willing to come out and spend an hour or 2 with you then you can take it a step further and file a claim with the carpet manufacture...or the padding company and have one of their Reps come out. The squeaky wheel will get the grease but you may have to squeak quite a bit nicely as possible to get some attention.

Don't let this go by until you are satisfied and the cause is determined. Other than that I can not determine what the cause is. If it is the padding , then yes it will need to be replaced.

If you have more ideas don't hesitate to reach me.

Best of luck,


Hi again Kathy,

If you pull up and pull back the carpet it is simply a matter of re stretching the carpet back into place after you inspect the issue. From your description it sounds like the padding is the culprit.

If you get a chance let me know what kind and brand it was.and a picture would be helpful. When you preview the answer I think there is a place to click to add the photos.

If you need to, start a new question and you can have a fresh start.

Here is a screen shot of the " ATTACH an IMAGE" location

Best wishes


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