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Our house, a split level, about 30 years old, still has the original carpet. It is very worn in the high traffic areas, not so much in others. I came into a little money, and was thinking of having it replaced, but instead of carpet, using some type of flooring in the main living room and hall. Also, the steps from the main entrance lead right up to the main level and down to the lower level. The carpet looks especially bad here. My neighbour replaced his living room and dining room with wood flooring and it looks good. I am also thinking this would mean less vacuming and shampooing, and when we sell, it might have more appeal? Sorry I have no pictures, but the floor boards and doors, etc are all golden oak colour, so I was thinking of something like that. I would like something that is eye catching but not out of place, and is also not overly expensive.  The rest of the carpet could get replaced at a later date when funds are available. I have all the major home and flooring stores here to choose from, including Home Depot, where I got tiles to cover the old lino in the kitchen/dining room, and it looks great. Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi Bud,
Haven't quite reached designer status yet but you flatter me.

What I like and how much it costs can be prohibitive.
However, I do love wood and stone or porcelain tile.

Your subfloor will have a say as to what type of wood or tile you might choose. I assume up north you are not on a concrete slab?

So as far as wood goes you can use a click and lock system with underlayment padding/moisture barrier....or you can purchase engineered wood and float that system. If your subfloor is thick enough and sound you can install real wood with a nail down system. If it isn't thick enough you need to add a layer of subfloor. More$$.

Porcelain tile over cement board would be an excellent choice and very DIY friendly if you're so inclined. Once again the subfloor preparation is key to a good job.

If you decide to narrow down the choices I will be here to answer more questions. In particular styles and brand names. One questioner recently asked me what I thought of a Quick Step product (wood) it was exceptional and affordable 12 mm thick laminate...textured...click lock system with free underlayment and delivery. I applauded her choice.
Let me know how I can help.

Best regards,


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