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Hi Carol,

We recently purchased an older house and are having a contractor doing rehab work before we move in, including, replacing the bathrooms and kitchen, removing some walls, tiling and painting, etc., Sometime, Tuesday night, a recently installed valve broke on the second floor, flooding the home down to the basement.  When I went into the house yesterday morning it was devastating.  The contractor said he would take care of the problem.

My problem is I donít know what to ask him to do to ensure and guarantee that I donít have mold in the future, after he leaves, or if the wooden floors warp or creak.  I donít even know what other issues or potential problems I should discuss with him to protect myself.  For example, could the house wiring have been affected?

Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

If your contractor isn't skilled in disaster restoration, I'd bring one in, for at least an opinion.  They have special training to make sure the concerns you have are addressed.  My experience is contractors will do an easy fix, take care of the cosmetics, but not go deeper-- and all of your concerns are valid.  Worst case, you'll have to get insurance involved to pay the disaster contractor... and they will go after the contractor to pay for it.  

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