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QUESTION: My husband and I purchased a well built home tbat was built in 1975.
The flooring in all 4 bathrooms.
We'd like to install new flooring over the old Torginal. (To remove tbe Torginol product
would more than damaage the subfloor).
Can we install tile or LVT flooring over Torginol??
The previous owner has this product everywhere!  It's on the floors, walls and counter tops in every
bathroom.  Walls, floors and counter tops! Ugh!!
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: I looked up the "Torginal" specs and just learned it is a polymer resin with color chips embedded.
Torginal has an 800# your can reach them at 800 558-7596.

I honestly can not say with certainty to proceed with the LVT..or anything that requires some sort of mechanical bonding. Resin floors act as a barrier/sealer.

You would need to choose a product and then call the customer service #. Have the manufacture instruct you as to the preparation of the floor.

Then if you need guidance there I can help further. Floating/skimming patching compounds etc.

I can imagine that a previous owner was an installer with lots of left over job materials...lol

I have seen these products installed with a sand coating for safety in cold meat lockers and wet areas.

If you find any additional info please feel free to comment again.

Tell me...how smooth is the current floor?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I suppose I should have been more specific about the LVT product. We are considering using the waterproof snap and lock tiles. Sort of a floating floor.
There is an uneven (not smooth) surface on the existing Torginol but it is not slippery.
I suspect that the previous owner had this installed largely because she wanted something long lasting and maintenance free. This stuff is practically indestructible!  There are a few places where it's cracked but it's TOUGH  stuff!! It's also on all kitchen counter top surfaces and back splashes. I would like to remove this product from those places as well, and am not sure what we are up against, so decidjng how to handle this in the bathrooms seems like the easiest projects first.
Thank you for your help!

Sorry for the delay,

Yes the snap lock products will definitely work. I assumed you were gluing the floor in your first message.

Smooth the floor level with any floor patch sold at the Home Depot n LOWES...look for a small container of Plani patch or Henry's  "POLYMER MODIFIED" floor patch...color grey. Henry's feather finish is very easy to work with. All these products are just add water and mix like a loose cake batter. Apply manually with a drywall knife or trowel. This will remove low spots and allow you to build the area up with multiple coats as needed. Any rough edges can be made smooth with a damp sponge after it dries. Setting time is fast...10 minutes, complete drying time is when it turns light grey.

Let me know if you need other suggestions.


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