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We pulled out very old carpet (30+ years) that was glued to floor tiles under the carpet.  The carpet came off very easily and no damage was done to the tiles.   My concern is that the glue/adhesive may contain asbestos. The glue/adhesive can be seen on the bottom of the carpet and lightly on the floor tiles.  The color of the carpet glue/adhesive is yellowish light brown.   Should I be concerned about this?

Asbestos was used in carpet adhesive up until the mid 1980's or so then its usage dropped dramatically due to lawsuits.  So obviously the later the better in your case. Next, and this is not a hard and fast rule, I have never known carpet adhesive that is yellow like you describe to contain asbestos. The very dark brown or black mastics typically are the ones that have asbestos. Next, a small exposure like you had is extremely unlikely to be the cause of any cancer. The particles must become friable (airborne such as from sanding) AND the exposure has to be relatively long term (years). Lastly, think also of all the older buildings you have been in in your life that may have contained asbestos. I know of no reports of epidemic cases of lung cancers from people that used these buildings. (FYI I was an installer for 10 years, from 1966-1976 and periodically ripped up flooring with asbestos. Back then there was no masks, no protective gear because we did not know of the dangers. This was when I was 18 till I was 28. I am now 67 and have no history of lung cancer).
Here's a link that might also make you feel more at ease: It discusses the fact that asbestos related cancer occurs with repeated long term exposure.
If you are still in doubt you can submit a sample for testing and/or order an air quality test that specifically tests for airborne asbestos.  You may have such facilities near you. Or you can check the web or write back and I will assist you.
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