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I'm in the process of refinishing my kitchen floor which is about 300 sq feet of  saltillo tiles.  The floor was put down about 23 years ago--the installer did not seal the tiles initially, but put down a coat of polyurethane, which I never liked, and at some point a coat of hard oil was put down on top of that. I am in the process of stripping it all off, and am able to get down to raw, unfinished tile which I plan to seal with your enhancer product, and then coat with Mex Seal.  Would you recommend this procedure with tile that is, for lack of a better description, not newly installed?  Would there be precautions I should take in order to (finally) get the finish I've wanted for 23 years?  
I read about the orange peel problem someone else had and you thought a good scrub with soap and water would take care of his problem, is this something I should do on unsealed or sealed tiles before I put the finish coat down?
Thanks for any advice you might have for me.

Sorry I did not get back with you earlier, as the notice went to my spam folder.

What you describe should be fine, but you didn't mention what sort of appearance you want. Obviously, the polyurethane was not the look you wanted.

It might be easier to communicate with me through the email associated with Sparks: info@sparkssw.com or to call me during the week; 817.488.6585.

There are a number of issues in stripping Saltillo and resealing that would not be practical to try and cover here.

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