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QUESTION: Hi, I am debating the type of hardwood floor I want to buy.  I work at a local floor manufacturer and can get a good price on flooring.  I've already asked our sales manager questions about the flooring itself and don't want to bug him about finishing flooring as well.  What I'd like to know is how much additional cost I should expect for finishing a rustic floor vs a select floor.  I understand the knots/imperfections have to be filled and sanded. From what I've been told, it requires 2 rounds of filling/sanding. It seems the average to finish a floor is about $3.50/sq ft so I wonder how much more rustic would cost.

Beyond that, is it something a DIY'er shouldn't consider doing?  I plan on installing the floor.  just not sure I should attempt finishing it.

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The tools required to finish the floor are demanding and expensive. One mistake can have serious cosmetic results. The sanding dust alone if not removed properly and eliminated can ruin the end result.
Applying the clear coats and sanding between each coat...another process that can be difficult.

I would not recommend it lightly if you did decide to move forward.
Have you contemplated the pre finished products in cabin grade?

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QUESTION: Wow, Chris, thanks for the quick response!
I have contemplated prefinished, but haven't dug in to find out what the added cost would be.  

Do you know how much more rustic would cost to finish vs a select grade that only  needs sanding?

Thank you


Does your situation involve installers coming in and out of the retail store?
If not I would investigate local supplier warehouses that cater to the trade. That way you could speak with the supplier, find a good mechanic and possibly eliminate any middle man. I'm almost certain that there is a wall with business cards tacked up at every supply warehouse. Back in my day I made sure mine was. Getting a recommendation from the warehouse was an extra bonus for being a good customer and doing good work...those accolades are not the easiest to come by, and if the warehouse supplier were to recommend someone I would take that into consideration as well.

This way you can get pricing for your region and possibly negotiate regarding the different grades and styles / finishes available.

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