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Hi Gina, I hope you have the time for my question?
I live in Central Florida and have one Hydrangea plant in a large pot in my back yard. (bought it in April) They were originally blue but have now changed to green and seem to be dying very slowly. Maybe the change of colour can be  from the amount of rain we have had. I really do need to cut them off now.
Is there a certain way to do that?
Thanking you in advance.

Good Morning, Jeannette

With the heat in central Florida, a Hydrangea is going to have a tough time of it.

Normally, when blooms go from pink to blue (or vice versa) it's due to the pH levels in the soil.  In your case, however, the blooms are fading to grayish green when they are merely spent.

You definitely want to dead head them.  I suggest cutting on an angle just above the next set of "true" leaves on the stem.  You may also want to move the plants to a a spot that is on the shady side to allow them to recoup from the pruning without the additional stress of being in full sun.


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