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I am using this holder for the very first time and would like to know if I can replace the foam and start bride wants silk orchids, and the flowers are causing huge holes due to their weight.  I have searched the web and can't find anything to help me.  It appears that the top will come off, but I am scared that it might break.  If I can't get an answer, is there anything I can do to "fill" the holes so the flowers won't fall out?

Hi Jenny,
When using artificial flowers, you would need to use the holder with "desert" foam.  That type  does not absorb water, and is much less prone to falling apart than the water holding foams.
If you cannot obtain that holder, and time is running short, you could cut the top off and remove
the existing foam.  You can fit a piece of(preferably green)styrofoam into the space by cutting a shape a bit larger than you think you need, and then file away the edges with another piece of styrofoam until it fits snugly into the plastic base. Make the top part the same shape as the previous foam insert. You can glue it in with a styrofoam friendly glue.  It is very important to then secure the styrofoam to the holder. Use either 1/4" floral bowl tape crisscrossed across the top, down the sides, and wrapped around the top of the handle, or do the same with wire.
Whatever way you do it, be sure to cover your mechanics with leaves or any smooth material you have that you can glue on. If you use wire, you must make sure there are no exposed ends that could cut someone!
Good luck, I hope one of these ideas will work for you.
Best Regards

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