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QUESTION: I like yellow and would like a backyard garden to show it.
Perennials would be nice.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm
near Minneapolis (zone 4)
    Right now I'm thinking of black eyed susans and lilies.
I've heard of Coreopsis but don't know anything about them.
Gladiolas and yellow tulips would work but they require
caring for the bulbs.
  Do you have any advice?

Thanks          Dick

ANSWER: Coreopsis, or moonbeams as they're often referred to, are a great choice.  Black eyed Susan - perfect.  If you have a lot of space solidago - while a bit invasive - is great for large areas.  Hosta with gold tones are a great choice to add foliage with yellow color, too. I'd also use naturalizing narcissus (daffodils) for easy spring color that is more reliable (and deer resistant) than tulips.    You might also want to try yellow twig dogwood to keep your color alive all year round.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks much    Very helpful
Is there one or two sources I can contact?  (catalogs?)
    The dogwood sounds fun
I'm thinking of putting both seeds and plants of various
just to save money.  Mail order would be convenient for me.     ?
  Dick Gahler

Tough to find shrubs delivered online, but I have luck at Lowes and other big dos stores early in the season.  For hosta, you can even try eBay - you'd be surprised how many people divide their plants and sell that way.  Bulbs are easy on line - google "fall bulbs" and you'll have tons to choose from for best price.

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