Hi What Up? I Feel VERY Uncomfortable Because I'm Only 10 Years Old. So, im new at playing the flute but have NO IDEA How to tell what the notes are. Like When you have a music sheet im like What? I Can't Tell What The Notes Are. I Know How To Play B Flat, C, And D. I Just Dont Know How You Can Tell. My Teaacher Said Theres A Trick: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. She Says Like To Figure Out The Notes You Have to use that trick. You Know 'Cause: E.G.B.D.F Are The Music Notes And And They Make Up As: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. Please Help Me! Thank You

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for your email.  I am glad you are learning to play the flute and read music.  The better you become at reading the notes on the page, the more music you will be able to perform on your instrument.  

Each line and space on the staff represents a different letter of the musical alphabet (ABCDEFG).

In treble clef, the bottom line of the staff is E.  That means if you ever had a note where the note-head is on the bottom line, that is the note E.  The next spot up on the staff is F. It is the space in-between the two lowest lines. As you go up on the staff, you will pass the lines and spaces, and you name them by going forward through the alphabet.  When you run out of letters (G being the last one) you start over again at A.  Sharps and Flats can alter the notes as well, and I will let your teacher in school explain how that works.

There is a great website to test your knowledge of naming notes (also called pitches).  Go to musictheory.net  then click exercises.  Then select Note Identification.  You can customize the exercise. For now, I suggest you quiz yourself on notes only in the treble clef.  

Good luck! You can do it.

Best Wishes,


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