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I've only just realized this but I am able to perform 'solos' in orchestral/band pieces perfectly without getting nervous but if I'm performing by myself, or with piano accompaniment, I always get really nervous. Is this normal? and how should I work on getting used to performing actual solos. I don't think it's a matter o preparation as I normally can play from memory the pieces.

Hi, Jasmine!
Feel a bit comforted.  We all share this problem.  The best way to overcome some of the nervousness over playing in public, is to do it every chance you get!  When you do well, your audience will help you along.  Even if you don't have your best performance every time, the experience will build your confidence.

A little bit of nervousness before a performance is a good thing.  You can use a small amount of "adrenaline" power to give your perfomance a little extra push.  But too much nervousness, well, is too much.  Your audience will feel it.  If you prepare well, you have nothing to fear, really.  Think about that.  Take a deep breath.  Then go out, and play straight from your heart!  Get into the music, so much that you almost forget that people are out there enjoying your performance, too!  Then after you get over the nervousness, you can work on playing to the audience a little more.

Bottom line is this.  Just do it.  Every chance you get!

I wish you great music, wonderful interpretation, and passion.  Go get 'em!  


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