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QUESTION: My second flute was a small upgrade Armstrong to a Yamaha the Yamaha was 500 USD in the 80's. It was easy to hit the low notes on the Yamaha (took less wind)So I assume if I had more money and went to intermediate It would see a little more improvement in this ease of hitting a note. I understand the sound improves.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Tony,

Thanks for your question.  To clarify, are you thinking of upgrading to a new flute, and you are wondering if low notes will be easier to play?

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QUESTION: I am getting a new flute and am considering what to get I think Ill get the same Yamaha 221 .
I was thinking a better flute would be easier to play all notes. Is that not why they use the softer metal silver because it is light makes a note more easy and clear unlike a ceramic heavy flute. Yes I'm asking if it would be easier to play. I'm thinking it takes less wind.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the clarification.  If you have the chance, I strongly advise you to play the instrument before you purchase it.  There are many factors that go into a flute playing easier.  By far the most noticeable difference will be seen if all of the keys are completely sealing.  Any small leak (which is often hard to detect) will make low notes especially difficult to play.

In general, I believe the more costly the flute, the more air it takes to play, not less.  This is usually because of the upgrade in mouthpiece.  The instrument can handle a more mature and plentiful airstream.

Again, there are so many factors that go into how an instrument plays (including the person playing it) that the best advice I can give is for you to try as many instruments as you can, and play the exact one you want prior to being committed to purchasing it.

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