Recently a new tutor has just joined the music service in my county; she is a flute player. At the moment, I'm being taught by a clarinet player who plays flute as an other instrument. In the next few months, I have exams and festival performances so I'm working with this teacher. After though, would it be better to be taught by an actual flutist to improve my playing overall as the teacher I have at the moment teaches the clarinetists at a more advanced level.

Hey Jasmine,

It doesn't always translate that a better flutist = better teacher, but generally, yes, if you can be taught by a someone who plays the flute as their primary instrument, that would be a good idea.  It's nothing against your clarinetist/flutist teacher - since they have not had as much time to devote to the flute as they have had for the clarinet, it just stands to reason that in the long term, someone who has focused on the flute would be better prepared to teach you.

It's good that you have a chance to work with this new teacher in preparation for your exams and festivals performances, so you can get used to her style of teaching and see whether she's right for you before you make the switch.  If you feel that you've learned and improved since studying with this new teacher, then after everything's over, it sounds like a good time to switch and a good person to switch to.  

Leaving current teachers can be tricky, depending on the circumstances, but especially since your current teacher gives lessons to advanced clarinetists, then he or she should understand that a switch to a flutist instructor would better benefit you as a talented flutist.  Teachers of any instrument want the same thing for their students - that they be best placed where they can best learn and grow. :)

Good luck on your exams and festival performances!



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