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Flute/value of yamaha french flute


I have a Yamaha french flute, purchased in 1990 and am wondering the value. The only numbers I see on it are 385II and I was hoping that would help in it's identification. I believe my mother purchased it for around $800.00 at that time. I am looking to sell it, so I want to offer a fair price.

Thank you for you help.


Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the question.  Pricing any flute without seeing it and playing it is nearly impossible.  The condition of the instrument makes a big difference on the price.  A quick internet search indicated that most people are asking for $790 for the instrument, and I would say those figures are fair.  Your best bet is to take the instrument to a qualified professional flute player to help determine its exact current condition.

Good luck.

Best Wishes,


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