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Flute/Flute d'Amour question


Dear Mr. Smith,

I just came across your excellent response in 2011 to a question on the flute d'Amour and have just contacted Altus and Sankyo regarding trials and possible purchase.

Are there other technical or sound differences between the Bb and A flute d'Amour beside their length/scale?

Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to share your expert guidance.

Kind regards,


Hello Lewis!

I'm glad that my past answer was useful to you, and I believe you'll find the Sankyo and Altus d'amores to be absolutely stunning instruments.

I find the Bb and A versions of d'amore to be very similar in terms of capabilities and tonal qualities, just as C and Db flutes are very similar to one another.  Obviously an A version will play a semitone lower, but it retains the same combination of warmth and definition as the more common Bb version.  Both Bb and A flutes are quite agile instruments as well, with much of the immediacy of response as a good C flute.  

Which you should choose will really come down to your needs and tastes as a musician.  As one of my previous answers mentioned, many d'amores are found in the hands of saxophone doublers who like having a flute that plays in the same key as their tenor and soprano saxes, so for them it makes more sense to have a Bb flute.  In a different context (such as playing some of the original d'amore music from centuries ago), an A flute might be more appropriate.  And of course, you might simply prefer how one flute plays over how the next does, and that's an important consideration too!

All the best in your hunt for a good d'amore.  They're great instruments and I think you'll find quite a lot of enjoyment if you do decide to purchase one.

I hope this is helpful.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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