Hi Nancy. I'm Jennifer and I'm gunna be a junior who is going to start playing piccolo in marching band and wind ensemble. I was just wondering if you had any tips on how to improve on the piccolo overall. I was also wondering if warming up is exactly like warming up on flute except for the embouchure.  I know I'm not gunna improve in a day which is why I'm asking now so I can spend the rest of the summer practicing the fundamentals and anything else you would say is important.

My best tip is this:  embouchure for playing picc is different than for playing flute.  To play picc, bring the instrument to your lips.  Let your lips relax shut.  Yes, shut.  Now, to form the embouchure, say "puh" or "poo."  The act of saying this will slightly force your lips apart, and keeping the air flowing will keep your lips open.  When you stop saying "poo" your lips will fall back together.  In this way, you get a teeny weeny embouchure opening, which you need to play picc.  If you try to use the bigger embouchure that you use when you play flute, you'll have a hard time getting the high notes, and they'll be flat, and you'll wear yourself out.

So practice this teeny weeny embouchure, and don't go screeching immediately up into the high notes.  Warm up in the lower two octaves using scales..  Work for a pretty sound.  You don't have to be loud ..  I love playing piccolo and once you get the hang of it, it's easier than playing flute...



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