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Hi Holly!
I have a flute pad saver and I was wondering if they were any good for cleaning my flute with. Do you recommend a flute pad saver or the cleaning rod and cloth?


P.S.  I attached a pic of the pad saver I am using in the photo

Hi Kristie!

Flute pad savers are fine for cleaning flutes with.  The only possible drawback is that it may not reach all the moisture that collects up by the closed end of the headjoint.  Whether this happens just depends on the design of the pad saver.

If you notice that there's still moisture in the headjoint after swabbing, then you may want to use a cleaning rod & cloth, since you can wrap the cloth around the end of the cleaning rod in a way that ensures that it hits and dries the end of the headjoint.  (If you need a cloth, a bandanna/scarf works well, and you can get one in a fun design/color, too.)

Whatever method you use, as long as it removes moisture from the flute and doesn't leave fuzzies behind (some types of cloths shed), then it's just what you need. :)  

One last bit of advice - many people keep the pad saver / cleaning cloth inside the flute case with their flutes for convenience.  If you do that, though, it's just putting all the moisture you just removed right back in with the flute, so it's best to keep it outside of the case.   

I hope this helps!



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