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I read your answer on the Ab alto piccolo, which I had never heard of before.  Where does that place it in relation to the Eb flute?  Between Db or C pic and C flute?

Janice Spooner

Hi Janice!

The Ab alto piccolo is pitched a minor sixth above the standard C flute and a major third below the C piccolo.  Its placement in this part of the range, combined with its design give it tonal attributes of both its bigger and smaller brethren, as I mentioned in some of my other answers about these instruments.  They're beautiful, unique flutes, and probably the single rarest member of the flute family.

If you're intrigued by these piccolos, Robert Dick has done some recording with one, and there are a few other obscure recordings out there.  These may be your only option to hear an Ab piccolo unless you're lucky enough to come across one of their owners, or become one yourself.

Unusual instruments like these are one of my passions, so if you have any other questions about them, feel free to ask!  I'm always happy to write about these!

I hope this is helpful!



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