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Hi, Nathan.
When using the two RH trill keys, should you stick to fingers 3 and 4 (piano finger numbers), or can you use finger 3 for both?
Thanks, Rose


Thanks for your question.  Most flute teachers would say use finger 3 for the left trill and finger 4 for the right trill.  You don't have to use the very tip of the finger to hit the trill key. Ideally you will move the least amount possible from the primary keys of the flute.

If you were to use finger 3 for both trills, it would tend to pull your right hand position to the right, likely cause some strain on that hand which could lead to long term issues.   But mostly it will cause you to lose a slight bit of facility, whereas if you work on fingers 3 and 4 you will have a better setup.

Ultimately, it's up to you though.

Best Wishes,


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