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I have a Great Lakes Product 3 pc. fly rod in perfect shape,
its a Golden Whip T. Where can i find out the age and value ?
Thank you Bob

Hi Bob - Sorry for the delay in answering your question.  The Great Lakes products rods were made in the 1940s after WWII.  I don't know what your rod is made of, but these rods were mass produced and are not particularly valuable.  I hope that helps.

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I can answer questions about all types of Powell fly rods. I know more than just about anyone when it comes to info on vintage Powell rods. You can email me at and include questions, photos, and descriptions of any Powell rods you want info on. Thanks!!


I've been collecting/buying/selling and researching Powell rods for almost 10 years. I grew up in Chico and I own an extensive set of Powell documentation going back years. Please feel free to visit my website at

BA in biology - but that does not really metter here.

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