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Fly Fishing/Milward 8' 3 piece hexagon cane rod


I purchased this rod at a garage sale and it is in excellent condition. It is in the original cloth bag and the owner was 94 when he died in 1968. I purchased it about 10 years ago from an individual who said it was his grandfather's and gave me the above information of his age.
I am interested in the history of the rod regarding the manufacturer and approximate time frame the company or individual built these rods. I am not interested in selling it but am curious as to its age and whether this is a custom made rod or if it is one of several different models of which multiple numbers were made. I am aware it was made in the UK, but the only markings on the rod is the word Milward under an armored arm. I would appreciate a response even if you are unsure of its history!

Hello Robert - Your rod was built by a fairly large scale production company in Redditch, England. It most likely dates to the late 30's or early 40's (pre-WWII).  They are considered good rods but as they were mass produced by an English maker they are not extremely collectible but are eminently fishable.  I don't know hom many of those 8' 3 piece rods were made, but it was quite a few.  They had anumber of different fly, bait, pike, and boat rods.  They were in production following WWII as well but most of those fly rods were of 2 piece construction.  I hope that helps,

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