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Today I bought a fishing rod from an estate sale.  It appears to be about 8' or 9' long, thin gray colored, w/ green wraps around the hooks.  It has a cork handle and an aluminum end.  It seems to be in excellent condition.  It reads The Walton Rod...  not the Walton Powell Rod or any other variation.  The type appears to be in the same style as a Walton Powell.  I can't find anything like this on the internet.  Do you know if Walton Powell also signed his pieces The Walton Rod?

Hi Peggy - I have not seen a Walton Powell rod labeled as The Walton rod.  But it is all together possible that one is out there.  My question to you would be is the labeling hand done or is it a decal?  Otherwise the description seems to be that of a Walton Powell graphite rod.  A picture  or two would be very helpful in determining if your rod is a Powell. You can always email some to me at  I hope that helps.

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I can answer questions about all types of Powell fly rods. I know more than just about anyone when it comes to info on vintage Powell rods. You can email me at and include questions, photos, and descriptions of any Powell rods you want info on. Thanks!!


I've been collecting/buying/selling and researching Powell rods for almost 10 years. I grew up in Chico and I own an extensive set of Powell documentation going back years. Please feel free to visit my website at

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