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I have three bamboo rods about which I would like more information and estimates of value.
one is a Barney and Berry#7351 3 piece 9ft. The reel seat is below the cork,the dia. of the rod above the cork is about 1 cm. and it has a cloth sleeve in the aluminum case.

the next is stamped "The H.L.Leonard rod, Leonard & Mills Co., makers". it is also a 3 piece about 3/8" diam. above the cork, with the cork above the reel seat. About 9 ft.6 in. in length with two tips, aluminum case and cloth sleeve.

the last says "The Cross #0742 Cross Rod & Tackle, Lynn,Mass". It is 8 ft long with both tips, aluminum case, cloth sleeve and is approx. 3/8" in diam. above the cork, which is above the reel seat.

Hi Phil- I apologize for the delay in answering your question.  The Cross and Barney rods i believe are production rods and probably worth a fee hundred dollars.  I am a Powell expert in particular and am not really familiar with those rods.  the Leonard is a different story.  Leonard rods are desirable and can be quite valuable.  I am going to direct to this site: www.classicflyrodforum.  There are a number of the world's foremost Leonard rod experts on this site and they can give you much better than I can.  Do a search for Leonard or better still post in the info and appraisal thread (read the guidelines first) and you will get the info you need.  I hope that helps.

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