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Fly Fishing/Vernley Bamboo(?) Fly Fishing Rod


Handle with Vernley decal
Handle with Vernley de  

All pieces
All pieces  
My sister gave me a Vernley Rod and I would like to know about it and its value

Questions asked in prior answer.  I do have pictures
Is the rod 7'6" or 7'9" in length? (I assume it is a two piece rod?) Is 9'1/2"

Do you have one butt section and two tips sections?
3 Sections plus 2nd tip section

Do you have the original rod bag?

Do you have the original rod tube? NO
Are there any broken or missing components? Not to my knowledge
Is there any obvious damage to any part of the rod? NO


Hello Art - What you have is a produciton rod made by a company called Horrocks-Ibbotson.  It dates to the 1940's and at the time was one of their high end rods and would have cost around $35 or $40.  Yours appears to be in good shape and is all there.  I'd say it is worth in the $150 to $250 range. I hope that helps.

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