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This painting was given to my husband in exchange for some work he did in an old couple's house.  It is an oil painting and it is very beautiful and very professionally painted - the details are exquisite!  There is no date on the picture and I have tried looking up the artist's name by the signature.  I also have more detailed pictures if it will help.  At one time, it was framed with the brown paper covering the back of the painting, but that has since been torn off.  On the back of the canvas, which looks fairly old, the letters AXCA are typed.  The artist's name looks like it may be Arezasco or Arezalco. On the frame the canvas is stretched (but now coming loose) there is handwriting in red that is X4329-5-21.  If you want more pictures please let me know.  Oh, the frame looks a little old but I'm not sure if it was the first frame that was on the picture.  The last thing I found interesting is that in each of the corners of the wood frame that the painting was stretched on, there were two pieces of wood that were shimmied into the the corners.  I don't know if that was done later when the painting was too stretched out or what, but I thought that may give a hint on the age.  If you do not know anything about this artist, could you please point me in the right direction on someone who might know?  Thanks so much!

I was unable to find anything on the artists and I dries several variations.
The subject matter looks like it may not be American (A guess)
You might try contacting a few major auction houses like Christie's or Sotheby's.

Sorry I wasn't more help.
Good Luck...

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Over the past 30 years, I have been researching the artist Ferdinand A. Brader and have become a bit of an expert. I can answer most questions regarding the drawings of F.A. Brader also known as Ferdinand A. Brader. Brader was an late 19th Century untrained(?)itinerant Folk Artist who throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio doing large pencil drawings (portraits) of farms and other dwellings and businesses. He worked from around 1876 to 1895. I'd love to hear about any Brader drawings you might have of know about... Check out my blog on Brader: I can also answer questions about Antique Mid-Western Amish Quilts, especially those from the Ohio Amish. In addition, I can answer questions about other types of Antique American Quilts and other types of American Folk Art. Please note. I can only answer questions on AMERICAN items.


I have been a collector and dealer of American antique quilts and American folk art for over 35 years. Recent exhibition of my Ohio Amish quilt collection in Germany and France.

"Antique Ohio Amish Quilts, the Darwin D. Bearley Collection" My bolg on Ferdinand A. Brader:

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