smiles8 wrote at 2009-11-17 03:47:21

This was a song sung by a pastor in arkansas,

it uses the same music as the "Sing Hossanna"

song but with the ballad lyrics mentioned. I have

it recorded on my laptop from my bible college days.


ecila wrote at 2010-07-31 17:39:31
I have an old tape someone gave me in the early to mid 90's that has that song on it plus several ohers I really like. one about being at his grandparents home and being outside while they were inside watching wheel of fortune, but the real fortune was right outside. another about being in San Antonio and finding God. I don't know the artist but I would love to know who he is because I would buy his music. He sounds a lot like Colin Hay, but don't know if it's him.

Mik wrote at 2010-09-11 04:58:24
There was a little white church, down in Bayou country, deep in south Louisiana,

there lived a Holy Ghost preacher and a faithful congregation, and a Cajun girl, named Rosanna, she played her guitar, every Sunday morning', 'cause the church didn't have a piano, and she sang so sweetly that the crowds would gather, all the way from Alabama.  They'd come all the way from Alabama.

Well the Spirit would move in the heart of the people till someone started to shout, spread like fire to the entire meeting till the devil started runnin' out, eyes that were blind they would see the light, disbelievers would lose their doubt, the lame would walk the sick got healed and ain’t no one had to do without... Jesus... yeah no one had to do without.

Sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King of Kings, sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King!

Then one Sunday morning, down a little dirt road came a big white limousine, and out stepped the most handsome kind of prince charming Rosanna had ever seen.  He walked up to her and said “I heard about you girl, I’ve come to change your life in sing.  Come away with me baby, on to Nashville, country music’s gonna have a new queen.  Country music sure do need a queen…”

Well Rosanna fell in love with the prince and his cars and his money and his diamonds and his things.  The deals were signed, the records started spinning soon Rosanna was a household name.  She went to Nashville; soon Hollywood fell down to worship her music and fame.   She made more money than there was in the world and soon the world became Rosanna’s game… Yeah the world became Rosanna’s game.

Sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, you’re the country music’s queen of queens, sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, you’re the country music’s queen!

Well Rosanna made it big but in spite of all her treasures in her life she felt an emptiness; she had won the world but lost her soul to the bright lights of success, she found that her prince was a frog in disguise but that’s a fact she could never confess; she tried to pretend that her life was getting better, but Rosanna lost all happiness…

Well ol’ Prince ran around with some wicked kind of people while Rosanna came to him and cried.  A cocaine deal went from bad to worse, an undercover agent had died.  The FBI closed in that night, with their warrants and their guns and their pride; Prince started shooting and they blew him away, and Rosanna caught a bullet in the side… Sweet Rosanna caught a bullet in the side…

As she laid there on the floor, in a pool of blood, she felt her life begin to slip away.  And with all of her heart for the first time in years, Rosanna found the strength to pray.  “Oh Jesus!” she cried, “Don’t let me die now, I’ve got one last song to play…” and she got up that night, and left that place healed, singing about amazing grace!  Oh, she sang, Lord,

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a retch like me, I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see…”

Sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King of Kings, sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King of Kings, sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King of Kings, sing Rosanna sing Rosanna sing, Rosanna to the King!

Now there’s this little white church, down in Bayou country, deep in south Louisiana.  There lives this Holy Ghost preacher and a faithful congregation… and a Cajun girl, named Rosanna.  She still plays her guitar, every Sunday morning, even though the church bought a piano, and she sings so sweetly that the crowds still gather all the way from Alabama.  They still come all the way from Alabama.

Musical wrote at 2010-10-21 01:36:20
This song was recorded by John Houston.  I saw him in concert in the early 1990s.   I have tried to find him on Google, etc., but have not been able to.   I actually have the song on an old cassette tape.

John wrote at 2011-06-25 16:17:09
Hi folks. My son sent me the link to the Q&A about my music. Thanks for the interest. If you wish to reach me, I am at John Houston.

Laura wrote at 2011-12-30 15:39:32
I have heard this song, what also seems to be in a medley format and I believe it sounded like Kenneth Copeland was singing it.  Although I can't confirm this and there maybe other versions out there.  I heard it a couple of years ago a couple of times and have always loved it, bringing tears to my eyes.  About a woman who goes seriously off track and who gets caught up with a man she thought she was in love with but was bad news mixed up in drugs and mistreating her big time and she gets shot, I think but turns her life around and returns to the true Lord.  I have tried to purchase it, can't find it on itunes.

Shannon wrote at 2014-11-26 03:53:26
My grandmother used to play this song for me, sung by Kenneth Copeland. She died today, and I'd give just about anything to hear this song again. I can't find it on YouTube, Facebook, Pandora etc... Does anyone have any idea where I can stream and/or download and/or buy?

Joseph wrote at 2016-05-18 12:46:39
In Broken Arrow Oklahoma there is a Christian radio station by the name of KNYD which is the original station for the Oasis radio network founded by David Ingles---- . I know for a fact that they have played this song on their station.  

Daniel wrote at 2016-12-16 08:09:53
Hi.. Am really searching for the song. A one musician played it during a church service and it was so beautiful. I have been looking for it since then. Can someone upload it on Youtube. Pleassseeeee.

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